Brandfolder assets support a 360 viewer experience, great for showcasing all angles of a product. The feature leverages our asset container to automatically turn several attachments into a 360 view. 

How to enable the 360 viewer

1. Upload your 360 files (typically a folder of several image files) into Brandfolder.

2. Merge all of the related files into a single asset using the bulk toolbar.

3. Select Edit Asset, go to the Advanced tab and toggle 360° Viewer to Enabled

4. Click Update Asset and wait a few seconds, refresh the page, and when you open the asset modal you'll get the 360 viewer experience when mousing over the thumbnail.

Pro-Tip: You can drag and drop entire folders in Brandfolder's uploader tool. All assets that have just been uploaded will be auto-selected for bulk actions.

Video Tutorial


If you have any questions about the 3-D viewer please contact


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