Admins can quickly receive guest collateral by utilizing the guest upload feature. It allows for a seamless upload experience to capture raw files which ultimately helps get higher quality content. Admins are empowered to quickly gather content through an upload link without needing to provide full access to their Brandfolder. Links can be quickly created and distributed, simply choose the section you want assets to be uploaded to and send the link to the user. 



Creating Guest Upload Links

1. At the Brandfolder level, click Settings in the top right corner under your header image. Select Request Assets


2. Select the section that you would like your guest to upload their content into. 


3. Once you have selected where you want the content to be uploaded, you can add a personal message, and decide if you would like to automatically approve all assets that are uploaded. Once you configure these settings, select create link to share with your guest. 


4. Copy the link and send it to your guest or embed the link into a landing 


5. When the guest clicks the link, a page will appear where they will need to fill out a few pieces of information.

  • If the Brandfolder that the link is associated with has required custom fields they will be prompted to fill out key and value pairs.
  • Input an email address.
  • An optional message area.
  • Once the necessary information is filled out, click select files for upload. 


6. A new page will appear where you can either drag files or browse for files from a local device or storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. 


7. Once files are selected and successfully uploaded a message will appear at the bottom stating "You have successfully uploaded [Number] asset(s) into [Brandfolder library name]." Users can upload more assets or choose to start over. 


Once assets are uploaded they can become immediately auto-tagged and searchable. 

For any questions relating to the guest upload feature, please submit a ticket at


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