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Duplicate detection is a feature that prevents you from having two identical files within your Brandfolder. When this feature is turned on, the duplicate asset will automatically be archived, and you will receive a notification by email and in your profile. To learn more about your profile, visit the Profile knowledge base article.

To activate the feature, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced > Don't Allow Duplicate Files >Enable.

When Brandfolder recognizes an exact pixel-by-pixel match to an existing asset, it will automatically archive the asset. When you upload a duplicate, the asset modal will say it does not exist. If you refresh the page, the asset modal will disappear. 


To view your archived assets, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced > Manage Deleted Assets. You will see a list of deleted assets and attachments on the Recover Deleted Assets page. The deleted by column will denote that the assets were deleted by duplicate detection. 


Do note: Assets are only archived if they are a pixel-by-pixel match to an asset already in the Brandfolder. This means that if an image has been cropped, resized, and re-uploaded, it will not be picked up by duplicate detection. 

Please contact if you have any questions. 

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