Duplicate detection is a feature that prevents you from having two identical files within your Brandfolder. When this feature is turned on, the duplicate asset will automatically be archived and you will receive a notification by email and in your profile.

To activate the feature, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced > Don't Allow Duplicate Files >Enable.

When Brandfolder recognizes the duplicate (i.e. the file is an exact pixel-by-pixel match to an existing asset already uploaded) it will automatically archive the asset. When you attempt to upload a duplicate, the asset modal will display "File doesn't exist". If you give the page a refresh the asset modal will disappear. 


To view your assets that were archived navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced > Manage Deleted Assets. On the Recover Deleted Assets page, you will see a list of your deleted assets and attachments. Under the deleted assets area you will find any assets archived by duplicate detection. The deleted by column will denote that the assets were deleted by duplicate detection. 


Do note: Assets are only archived if they are a pixel-by-pixel match to an asset already in the Brandfolder. This means that if an image has been cropped or resized and re-uploaded it will not be picked up by duplicate detection. 

Please contact support@brandfolder.com if you have any questions. 


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