Asset Score Calculation

An asset’s score (which is the first value in the display) in the Brandfolder platform is calculated as a normalized weighted combination of various measured performance signals that include asset views, asset downloads, asset shares and asset CDN views. Currently each of these signals are weighted equally and the whole historical data of the assets are utilized in the process. The normalization is carried out in order to compare the assets in the Brandfolder. Hence the asset with the best score is pegged at a value of 100. All other assets are assigned a normalized integer value between 0 and 100 as they compare to the asset with the best score. Asset Scores are updated on a daily basis in the platform.

Asset Potential Calculation

An asset’s potential (which is the second value in the display) in the Brandfolder platform is a predicted value of the assets potential i.e. the asset score it could achieve given the current performance of assets similar to it in the Brandfolder. Like Asset Scores, this value is also computed and updated on a daily basis. If the asset in question is not found to be similar to other assets in the Brandfolder, then a determination of the asset’s potential is not possible and hence is assigned an unknown value.

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