Bulk Management

The Bulk Management feature allows for admins to easily manage tags, custom fields, labels and share links all in one place. This is a great way to make sure there is consistency throughout your Brandfolder in your tags and custom fields while also managing all share links.

1.  Within the Brandfolder navigate to Settings > Bulk Management.

2. From there, you will be prompted with a new screen that will allow you to choose either Tags, Custom Fields, Labels, Share links or Upload links to manage. 


3. For Custom Fields and Tags you have the option to update the name, delete the term and see how many current assets are associated with it. 

- By clicking on the Tag or Custom Field it will take the user into the Brandfolder to see which assets are associated with that term. 

4. Custom Fields can also be "prioritized" by checking the box under that column next to the custom field key. Prioritized custom fields will appear first in the list for end users as well as Admins when editing assets.


Custom fields that are prioritized will show with an * next to the custom field key when editing the asset as an Admin.


5. Within the Labels option, a user is able to create top level labels and add labels underneath to fit your ideal structure. This structure is flexible and can be rearranged at any time by dragging and dropping any of the labels, by renaming them, or by deleting them. 


6. Within the Share link option, a user is able to update the share link, see what assets are associated with it as well as delete any old links that should no longer be circulating.  


Bulk Adding Custom Fields and Tags

1. Select the assets you are looking to tag or add custom fields to. 

2. A bulk action bar will appear, select the "Tag" option. 

3. From there the user will be prompted with a modal to select either Tags or Custom Fields as the option. 

4. Add the Tag term or the key and value pair you are looking to associate with the selected assets. 

5. Confirm the selection. Those Tags or Custom Fields have now been added to your assets!


1. If controlled custom fields are enabled on the Brandfolder, all Custom Field keys will be displayed and the user can select the values from a dropdown.
2. If the Custom Field key has restricted values, the values will appear in a dropdown. Otherwise, they will have a text input.
3. Clicking on the values for a Custom Field will allow the user to rename/delete the values in bulk.
4.  It takes a minute to process, so bulk operations may not be immediately available.


If you have any questions about Bulk Management please contact support@brandfolder.com.


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