Templating with the Brandfolder Editor

The Brandfolder Template Editor is one that makes it easy for admins to create, edit, and remove validations for certain editable fields within the template. It also mimics the clean interface and ease of use of our app. 

To enable the Brandfolder Editor, you can do so on the Organization level (which would apply this editor to all of the templates within your account). Or, you can enable the Brandfolder Editor on individual templates. 

To enable it at the Org level, go to your organization page and select Settings -> General Settings. From there, select the 'Templating' tab. 

You will then want to select the first option that says 'Use Brandfolder Editor' and then select 'Update PrintUI Settings'. 


If you want to choose individual assets to enable the Brandfolder Editor on, simply hover over the asset and select the paper and pen edit icon.

Next, select the 'Templating' tab and select the Brandfolder Editor. Don't forget to click 'Update PrintUI Settings'. 


Now, you will want to start editing your validations. To begin, click into the template and then select 'Edit Form Fields'.


For editable items, you will be able to add validations for text fields. Here are the four options to choose from:

  • Text Input: This would allow your user to input any text into this field
  • Text Dropdown: You can give your users options to select from when swapping out text 
  • Text Rows: Choose the number of rows that you want your user to be able to edit (ie, this could be helpful if you had a template with bullet points)
  • Text Asset: Your user can choose text assets directly from Brandfolder

Right from within the editor, you can manage your image replacement/upload options. For an editable image in the template, you will have the option to Add Validations. If you select that, you will see a couple of options. 

  • Allow Brandfolder Embed and Upload: This will allow your users to choose from Brandfolder OR upload their own image. 
  • Allow Only Brandfolder Embed: Users can only select assets from Brandfolder to replace the image with.
  • Allow Only User Upload: Users can only upload images from their local device.
  • Deny Image Replacement: Users cannot select from Brandfolder or upload from their local device (essentially making that field un-editable). 

If you allow your users to embed from Brandfolder, you will be able to specify image embed restrictions. This means that you can add a tag to an asset in Brandfolder and then add that tag to the validation in the editor so that end users only have assets with that tag to choose from (rather than every asset in your Brandfolder). To add a single tag validation, you can simply type that tag into the field below. 

  • PRO TIP: you can add multiple tags in your embed restriction query by using the tags.strict: syntax shown above

Once you make a change to the template, you can always click 'Refresh Preview' to see how that change appears. Additionally, you can select 'Share Link' to send the template to another user and maintain any of the changes that you have already made. 

Lastly, when the 'Finish' button is clicked, it will give a guest user the option to download as a PDF, Web jpeg, Hi-Res jpeg, or PNG. If your account has approvals enabled, it will just give the guest user the option to submit for approval. 

For any questions on the Brandfolder Editor, contact support@brandfolder.com

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