Templating with the Brandfolder Editor

The Brandfolder Editor

The Editor is Brandfolder’s primary templating solution, allowing for text and image replacement for templating that is done through Print UI. Validations can be set on text fields to limit character, rows, and even for specific formats like email and URL. Image replacements can be made via upload or embed directly from brandfolder, where embed restriction queries can be added for precise replacement options. Replacement is limited by the design and layout of the document, so Designers have the most control over what the end user can and cannot change.



The PrintUI Canvas editors are also available for use, and are described in further detail at the end of this document. Editor types can be toggled at the organization level under Settings -> General Settings -> Templating.



This can also be done on a template by template basis in the Asset modal, via Edit -> Templating.





Setting Validations

To change how users interact with editable fields select 'Edit Form Fields'.



There are four options for Text Field validations:

  • Text Input: Any text can be used for replacement, so long as it fits within the text frame.
  • Text Dropdown: Predefined options are used for replacement. Do note that copy-paste functionality is currently not supported for duplicating large menus of options. 
  • Text Rows: Define a maximum number or rows for replacement. Line breaks create new rows.
  • Text Asset: Search Brandfolder for text assets that match a specific query.

Images have validations as well, and will determine which images the user can select for replacement. 

  • Allow Brandfolder Embed and Upload: Users can choose images from Brandfolder or their local system.
  • Allow Only Brandfolder Embed: Forces users to choose images that already exist as assets in Brandfolder. Additional restrictions can be applied to narrow the scope of selectable assets.
  • Allow Only User Upload: Users can only upload images from their local system.
  • Deny Image Replacement: Users cannot replace the image.

The Brandfolder Embed option also supports an Embed Restriction Query. This query uses Brandfolder's search to limit which assets appear as options for the end user. Each Image Frame can use a unique restriction query to find the perfect group of assets for replacement. Do note: users will not be able to search through assets if an embed restriction query is utilized. 

    • Multiple tags can be added to an embed restriction query by using the tags.strict: syntax, shown above.
    • You may be unable to query or replace SVG, EPS, and AI file types because they are complex and not ideal for replacement. 

Exporting Results

Refresh Preview will update the preview with any changes made to the fields. Share Link can be used to send a rendition of the template to another user and maintain any edits. Templates will reset to the original state each time they are edited, unless a specific rendition is viewed from a shared link.



Finish will redirect the user to a high resolution preview of the result and allow for various download options. If approvals are required, end users will have the option to submit for approval rather than download. Do note: if a non-user or public account is utilizing a template they will not be directed through the approvals flow. The functionality is only supported if a user has an email address associated with them.


Save to Brandfolder and Download IDML will only be available to admin level users. Saving a result to Brandfolder will create an asset with the PDF output, as well as a direct link to make further edits to the rendition.

Incompatible Brandfolder Editor Templating Use Cases

Inline styling/formatting is not supported in the Brandfolder editor. This is because a new text frame is required for each style and body copy cannot maintain styling or formatting, or even line breaks. The alternative for this use case is utilizing the full canvas editor. 

Automation for Bulk Replacement is also not supported in the Brandfolder editor. Multipage branding will need to be updated on every frame and bulk actions are not supported by the editor. 


Additional Editor Types

Additional editor types are available to support varying use cases.


The Form Editor allows for the most simple text and image replacement. Text and Image frames cannot be resized, and replacement is limited by the size of the objects in the document. Images can be scaled and rotated to fit the Image frame.



The Simple Canvas editor allows for text and image frames to be moved, resized, and deleted. This allows for the end user to make larger, more structural changes to the design of the document. 



The Full Canvas editor has the same functionality as the Simple Canvas editor, but also allows for the creation of additional text and image frames. This provides the end user with the most control over the design of the document, allowing for complete structural changes from the initial design.


If you have any additional templating questions please contact support@brandfolder.com



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