Bi-directionally sync files between Brandfolder and HubSpot

  1. Email to initiate the configuration. 
  2. Install the Brandfolder app from the HubSpot Marketplace.

    • You must be a HubSpot superuser to add the app. 

  3. With the link provided, authenticate with your API key and configure workflows.

  4. Click Login and enter your Brandfolder API key

  5. Upon successful connection you will see: Screen_Shot_2019-05-15_at_3.00.25_PM.png

  6. (this step may be unnecessary) Click Connect HubSpot, which will briefly redirect your browser then bring you back to the previous screen with additional options.

  7. Click Workflows and Add New Workflow.Screen_Shot_2019-05-15_at_3.37.39_PM.png

  8. Use the form to configure the settings for your workflow. You can set the sync direction (Brandfolder to HubSpot is most popular), the location assets will be fetched from and posted to, and how often files will be synced.

  9. Upon successful workflow creation you will see: Screen_Shot_2019-05-15_at_3.48.04_PM.png
  10. To test your workflow sync, click Run Once and refresh the page. You'll see a history trail with details, including total files created/updated. Screen_Shot_2019-05-15_at_3.50.41_PM.png

  11. Check the source locations in your Brandfolder and HubSpot accounts to confirm assets are synced as expected.


  • This plugin supports versioning; if you version an attachment in Brandfolder that has been synced to HubSpot, it will update the file in HubSpot.
    • This only works if the version is the same file type. I.e. if you change an attachment from png to jpg the sync will fail.
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