The Brandfolder integration for HubSpot creates a bi-directional sync of assets between Brandfolder and Hubspot. This lets you use Brandfolder assets directly in email marketing campaigns and landing page content.


Professional and Enterprise Hubspot users can use MediaBridge. Brandfolder's MediaBridge integration enables Hubspot users to access and use Brandfolder assets. The integration utilizes CDN URLs from Brandfolder to power assets in Hubspot. Therefore, when an asset is updated in Brandfolder it is simultaneously updated in Hubspot.

Brandfolder's Hubspot Integration 

Brandfolder's Hubspot integration enables Hubspot users to easily access and utilize assets from Brandfolder in Hubspot email campaigns, landing pages, and other content. The integration supports pushing assets from a predefined Brandfolder section into a designated Hubspot folder and vice versa. 

For the initial configuration of both integrations please reach out to When reaching out please specify which integration you need help configuring.


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