Brandfolder’s Labels are an enhanced organization and findability feature meant to provide the peace of mind that comes with an organization's existing folder structure. Think of Labels like your music playlists – any asset can be assigned to a label or multiple labels.  

Brandfolder’s Labels provide:

  • Enhanced findability level for assets
  • Improved organization for various use cases, like campaigns, regions, teams, and more
  • Bulk management and tagging capabilities
  • Version and revision control
  • Multi-faceted asset use
  • Consistent permissioning created by Admins, consistent with Brandfolder’s user structure


How to Set Up Labels:

1. Make sure labels has been turned on for your account. If you are unsure, please contact

2. On the Brandfolder level, navigate to Settings > Bulk Settings > Labels tab.


3. From there you can start building out your top level labels and adding labels underneath to fit your ideal structure. The structure can be flexible and rearranged at any time by simply dragging and dropping any of the labels or deleting them. 


4. Once your structure has been defined you are then able to add assets to the specific labels. This can be done by dragging and dropping your asset(s) into the desired label. 

Do note: nesting labels is capped at a depth of 20. This means you can keep making nested sub labels off the parent label 20 times.

Bulk Adding Assets to Labels

Along with the ability to drag and drop assets into particular labels, users also have the ability to select specific assets and add them to labels via the bulk action toolbar. 

  1. Select the assets you would like added to your desired label.
  2. Select + Add To and click Add to Labels.mceclip1.png
  3. A modal will then display with your current label structure. From here, you can expand and select the label(s) you would like the assets to now live in. mceclip2.png

Removing Assets from Labels

 Asset(s) are able to be removed from labels using our bulk actions toolbar. 

  1. Select the assets(s) you would like to remove from a particular label.
  2. Select the label icon in the bulk actions toolbar.mceclip0.png
  3. Confirm the removal of the assets from the label by selecting removemceclip3.png


If you have any questions on Labels please contact the Customer Experience team at
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