With our new Sketch integration, creatives can save time by accessing and inserting files from Brandfolder without ever leaving the Sketch application. Our plugin will display a user’s assets and allow them to add directly to a Sketch artboard.


How to install the Sketch integration plugin:

  1. Download the most recent version of the plugin here.
  2. Unzip the brandfolder.sketchplugin.zip file.
  3. Double click brandfolder.sketchplugin.


How to use the plugin:


  1. Open a Sketch project.
  2. Open the Brandfolder Plugin.
  3. Click Plugins > Brandfolder > Open Brandfolder.
  4. Enter your Brandfolder API key.
  5. Click on a Brandfolder to view its assets.
  6. Select place on an asset to place it into your current Sketch artboard.
  7. If an asset has multiple attachments, click on the # Attachments button to view them all.
  8. Select place on the attachment you wish to use.


Video Tutorial:

If you have any questions on Sketch integration please contact the Customer Experience team at support@brandfolder.com


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