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You can share assets without allowing users to download and share assets by creating read-only collections or share links. This will require users to request asset access and for administrators to approve. Once admins approve, users will receive a download link. 

Disabling download functionality on a share link

1. Within your Brandfolder, select the assets you want to share.

2. On the bulk toolbar, select Share.

3. Toggle on Disable Download Functionality (view only mode).

4. Select, Save.

Disable download functionality, share link experience

  1. Users will see an option for Prepare Request when interacting with an asset. 
  2. Once they select Prepare Request, Admins on that Brandfolder will receive an email with a link to a Download Access Request
  3. Select assets you want to approve and type a message to your user.
  4. Select, Approve
  5. The user will promptly receive an email with a link to download your assets.

Disabling download functionality on a Collection

  1. Within the specific Collection, navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced tab. 
  2. Enable View Only.
  3. Guest users with access to the specific Collection will now see a View Only version of the Collection which disables downloading of the assets. 
  4. Guest users will have to select and prepare a request to send to the Brandfolder's Admins via email.
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