Requesting Assets for Download

Requesting Assets for Download

In the event that an admin would like to share assets without giving users full access to download and share, creating a read-only Collection or share link with download functionality disabled is an optimal solution. Users can request assets from that selection and be given a download link upon Admin approval.


Disabling Download Functionality on a Share Link

1. Within your Brandfolder, select the assets you want to share.

2. On the asset modal, click Share.


 3. Check Disable Download Functionality.

Users will now see Prepare Request in place of the Download Button. This will prompt users for their contact info and details about their usage. 


 4. Once submitted, Admins on that Brandfolder will receive an email with a link to a Download Access Request




 5. Select which assets you'd like to approve, send your user a message, and Approve. The user will promptly receive an email with a link to download your assets.


Disabling Download Functionality on a Collection

1. Within the specific Collection navigate to Settings > General Settings > Advanced tab. 

2. Enable View Only.


 3. Guest users with access to the specific Collection will now only see a View Only version of the Collection which disables downloading of the assets. Guest users will have to select and prepare a request which will get sent to the Admins of the Brandfolder via email.


4. Once the request has been sent, the same email approval process will continue as outlined in the Disabling Download Functionality on a Share Link option above. 


If you have any questions about this feature please contact

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