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Within Brandfolder an editable user can now select specific EXIF metadata fields embedded into a file and convert them into a tag and/or custom field. This heightens the searchability of these potentially important terms for users to see them as soon as they click on any given asset. 

Creating a metadata conversion

1. Within your Brandfolder, navigate to Settings > Bulk Management

2. On the Bulk Management screen select Metadata Conversions then + Create New. mceclip0.png

3. From here, you can select the type of conversion as either a tag or custom field along with the metadata field you would like to be transformed. Select Create Conversion upon completion. 

Note: This does not remove the selected metadata field from the metadata tab. mceclip1.png

4. The metadata conversion will apply to assets that have been uploaded after the conversion was successfully created. On the metadata conversions screen a user will also have the ability to edit or delete the conversion should that be necessary.

To apply metadata conversions to existing assets you will need to reach out to



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