Metasheets allow for an editable user to make changes to a selected group of assets in bulk. Editable users can update and add tags, custom fields, asset names, and descriptions. Metasheets can't update attachment filenames This feature helps to significantly decrease an admin's time spent on making sure the correct taxonomy and information are in place on multiple assets at once. 


Creating a Metasheet

1. Within Brandfolder, bulk select the assets you would like to update. From the bulk actions toolbar, hover over Download and select Download CSV. The download of the CSV will begin.mceclip1.png

2. Open the new Metasheet CSV in the spreadsheet editor of your choosing. From here, the user can add, update, and delete information within the CSV. Editable users can update and add tags, custom fields, asset names, and descriptions. Do note that attachment filenames can't be adjusted using metasheets. mceclip2.png

3. Rename and save the updated CSV Metasheet.

4. Within Brandfolder, navigate to Settings > Bulk Management

5. Select Upload CSV and upload the new Metasheet within the import box. After the CSV is done processing, the new updates will then be visible within Brandfolder. 

Note: Processing time is dictated by the number of assets and information updated. Please allow for a few moments of processing time should this be a large update. We do not recommend updating more than 40,000 rows at once. mceclip3.png


Pro Tips:

    1. The file you upload into Metasheets must in the CSV format. 
    2. > < ( ) { } [ ] &" * : are reserved characters and cannot be used in any of the pieces of information you are updating. 
    3. When adding multiple values for a key, the values must be separated by a semicolon”;”. For example for the key Channel you would need to list the values as: Direct Mail;E-mail;Website. Only keys that support multiple values will recognize the semicolon delimited format. This ensures that Keys can not accidentally be assigned more than one value. 

    Do note that beginning and trailing semicolons will be ignored. Comma delimiting will also not work. 


If you have any questions about this feature please contact

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