While having all of your assets in a nicely organized Brandfolder is a great way to collaborate and evaluate your content, sometimes there’s just no substitute for looking at things in physical space. 

If you and your team are looking for an easy way to print assets for evaluation and approval, Contact Sheets are the perfect way to enhance your in-person collaboration. 

How to create a Contact Sheet:

1. Select the assets you want to share. 


2. Create a share link of the selected assets by choosing Share in the Bulk Actions Toolbar.


3. After selecting your desired share link settings, you can now navigate to your newly created share link.


4. From here, select the print button. This will allow you to create a nicely formatted Contact Sheet to share or print.


In addition to formatting your assets in a print-friendly configuration, you also have the option of showing important information like prioritized custom fields


If you have any questions about Contact Sheets please contact support@brandfolder.com.

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