Portals are a customizable experience where organizations can introduce a subset of their organization with only the most relevant information. This is helpful to organize information needed for a particular group of users in a very visually digestible manner.

To create a Portal, navigate to the Organization level. From here, select Create New and click Brand Portal. This will redirect you to your newly created Portal. 



The objects within the Portal that are customizable:

  1. Header, Privacy and Search bar
  2. Tiles for links
  3. Links to other portals and sites
  4. Widgets to expose asset data


Header, Privacy, and Search bar

These configurable options all operate in the same way customizations work on the Brandfolder. 

  1. Navigate to Portal settings in the upper right-hand corner. mceclip0.png
  2. From here, you can update the general settings (slug, description, and privacy) just as you would for your Brandfolder. 
  3. Within the Customize tab you can update the general customizations in the form of a hex code for font and the banner header image.
  4. The admin also has the ability to input a specific Brandfolder-level URL that would allow users to default search from. The example below will have results pulling from the Sonata Brandfolder. mceclip1.png


Tiles for Links

Tiles allow for a customized, visual approach to key sites within Brandfolder and the web to be highlighted and accessible by users of the Portal. Tile sizes can be broken down into thirds or take up the full width of the page. mceclip2.png


Configuring a Tile

  1. Select + Create Tilemceclip3.png
  2. On the modal that appears, you can now start adding the requested information. This includes:
    1. Tile size
    2. Name
    3. Link URL
    4. Description
    5. Tile Image
  3. Once the information is complete, select Create Tile. Likewise, you will also have the option to update these tiles at any time.  mceclip4.png


Links to Other Portals and Sites

On the side of the Portal, users also have the option to create links to other sites for easy navigation. These links can be to sites outside of Brandfolder as well as links to other Portals within the Organization. mceclip5.png

Configuring a Link

  1. Navigate to the right-hand side of the portal and select either + Portal Link or + Add Link
  2. On the modal that appears, you can now start adding the requested information. This includes:
    1. Name
    2. Link URL
    3. Link Iconmceclip6.png
  3. Once this information has been filled out, select Create Link



Widgets are customizable tiles that are specific to showing insights that are happening within a particular Brandfolder. Current Widget options are:

  • Featured Assets - this pulls in all assets tagged with the term Featured
    • The easiest way to add featured assets is through the bulk tagging tool
  • Recently Created Assets
  • Recently Updated Assets
  • Top Scored Assets


Configuring a Widget

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the portal and select + Create Widget.mceclip9.png
  2. On the modal that appears, you can now start adding the requested information. This includes:
    1. Name
    2. Content Type
    3. Brandfolder
  3. Once that information has been configured, select Create Widget. mceclip10.png


Pro Tips:

  1. All settings, tiles, links, and widgets can be edited again after creation by selecting the pencil icon on the given object.
  2. You can preview your portal without the edit buttons by navigating to the top right-hand side of the Portal and selecting Switch to preview mode.


If you have any questions about this feature please contact support@brandfolder.com.

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