The Canva integration empowers editable users to create custom content all while never having to leave the Brandfolder interface. When creating templates within Canva, users also have the option to leverage the Brandfolder app to easily place brand-specific assets that live in Brandfolder within their Canva creations.


Creating a Canva Template within Brandfolder

  1. Reach out to to enable Canva on your account. 
  2. When you have the Canva integration enabled on your account, you will see a Create from Canva dropdown appear below the uploader box. mceclip1.png
  3. From here, you can select the type of content you would like to be added to your Brandfolder. This includes content types such as business cards, flyers, brochures, and much more. 
  4. Upon selecting the content type you will then be redirected to Canva.  Add your Canva specific credentials. 
  5. Navigate to the particular content item it is you are looking to edit. After making the appropriate edits, select Save to Brandfolder in the upper right-hand corner. mceclip2.png
  6. Upon successful upload, the asset will then become available to your end-users to view, download, and share. 


Adding Brandfolder Assets to Canva Templates

1. Once the app has been enabled, within your template select More on the bottom right-hand corner of the panel, search for the Brandfolder app, and select. mceclip1.png

2. You will then be prompted to Connect to your Brandfolder account. Input your user-specific API key found here.

3. Your Brandfolder content will appear. The integration panel allows you to navigate your content just like you would within the Brandfolder by visiting the different levels of the Brandfolder hierarchy (Organizations, Brandfolders, and Collections).     


4. Once you are at the Brandfolder or Collection level you have a few options to narrow down your content.

    1. You are able to filter by section by clicking on the arrow accordion to the left of the show attachments toggle
    2. You can filter by custom fields, tags, etc by clicking on the filters button to the left of the search bar
    3. You can search for assets by inputting different search syntaxes into the search bar. Various search syntaxes are outlined in the Searching in Brandfolder Knowledge Base article


5. You can also view asset details by hovering over the asset, clicking the ellipses, and selecting view asset details



6. After navigating to your desired asset you can use the drag and drop function to place the file into the template. The asset can then be scaled or repositioned to your liking.



If you have any questions about the Canva integration please contact

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