Recover a Deleted Asset

Admin users have the ability to recover a deleted asset from a Brandfolder with a few simple steps.

1. Select Settings > General Settings on the right-hand side from the drop-down menu. 



2. Select the Advanced tab on the new modal.




3. Scroll down and select Manage Deleted Assets.




4. Hover over the desired asset and click Recover Asset. You will now see the previously deleted asset restored in your Brandfolder.




Pro Tip:

The recover deleted assets feature defaults to a range that covers the last 30 days. To expand the range you will want to click on view date range. This will attach a parameter to the URL. After = you can input the number of days prior you would like to filter by. For example, for the last 100 days, you would input 100 after = and press return/enter.


If you have any questions about this feature please contact

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