With the Sitecore connector, Brandfolder allows users of the Sitecore platform to easily access all assets that currently live within your Brandfolder. 

Before gettings started, please email support@brandfolder.com to initiate the configuration. 


Requirements from the Sitecore platform:

  • Hostname: http(s)://mysitecoreinstance.com
    • This is the base URL for API calls.
  • Folder_ID of the folder in the Media Library where content will be synced.
    • (ex: {5558585C-2314-46DB-9805-8A0F63036A6A})
  • The database where the media record will be written.
    • The default is "master".
  • Username and User Host
    • Example of a full username can be sitecore/<username> or external/<username>
    • Password

Requirements from Brandfolder:

  • API Key
    • Your unique API Key can be found here.
  • Brandfolder Key (what Brandfolder to sync)
  • Section Key 
    • This is optional for the configuration to specify a single section to sync to Sitecore.


After the requirements have been acquired, a Sitecore Administrator will also need to make the following edits to the Sitecore instance:

  1. Enable the ItemWebAPI. On a local install, this config file is found at: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<site>\Sitecore\App_Config\ItemWebApi\Sitecore.ItemWebApi.config.

  2. Update the following settings:
    1. <site name="<SiteName>"> <patch:attribute name="itemwebapi.mode">StandardSecurity|AdvancedSecurity</patch:attribute> <patch:attribute name="itemwebapi.access">ReadWrite</patch:attribute> <patch:attribute name="itemwebapi.allowanonymousaccess">true|false </patch:attribute> </site>
  3. Ensure that itemwebapi.mode is set to a value that only requires a username/password from an external source.
  4. Create a user account that will allow for requests through the ItemWebAPI.

Video Tutorial:


  • Currently, this will only create media items when they are created in Brandfolder.
  • Any special characters [!@#$%^&*()] and spaces in the attachment filename will be replaced upon sync with the Sitecore instance.


If you have any questions about this connector please contact support@brandfolder.com.


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