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Users have the capability to embed a widget to a Smartsheet form at the Brandfolder and Collection level to help streamline the content production process through automated actions between both platforms. The simple act of having someone submit a form through the widget could fire off an integrated workflow within Smartsheet or process an asset request for a particular file that doesn't exist currently within Brandfolder. 

Creating a Smartsheet form embedded widget

To create a widget, navigate to the general settings modal on either the Brandfolder or Collection level. From here click on the tab Smartsheet Forms. You will first want to enable the Smartsheet form. Once the Smartsheet form is enabled you will be able to customize the following items:

1. Form Name

2. Form Description

3. Button Text 

4. URL (link to the Smartsheet form)



Once items are customized click Create Smartsheet Form. The widget will now appear below the name of the Brandfolder or Collection. An example of how the various customizable sections will show up within the widget can be found below. 




Pro tips: 

The creation of a widget at the Brandfolder level will not carry over to the Collection. The collection level widget is independent of the Brandfolder and is fully customizable.

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