Connecting to Gelato will allow you to turn your assets into customized print products that can be delivered anywhere in the world. To enable the Gelato integration, please contact for more information.



Configuration Steps


1. Once the integration has been enabled, you will see a Gelato Product ID field appear at the bottom of the Edit > Advanced tab of the asset modal.





2. By scrolling down and selecting Show Gelato Config, you will be able to start customizing your Gelato print job. The Gelato Product ID field will auto-populate once you've selected a product, which we will go over in a later step.



3. From here, you can select the catalog type that you would like to print. This includes types such as business cards, calendars, flyers, framed posters, letterheads and much more. 




4. Upon selecting the catalog type you will then be able to select product attributes such as color type, paper type, coating type etc.




5. Lastly, you will be able to select from a list of currently available products from Gelato. These options will be based on your choice of catalog type and product attributes from previous steps.




6. Once you've saved your changes, you will see a Send To Gelato button next time you click into the asset modal. 




This button will redirect you to the Gelato sign in page where you can enter your Gelato account credentials or sign in using SSO. 





  • Only PDF formats of files are able to be sent to Gelato for print.
  • This integration requires a paid subscription to Gelato.


If you have any questions about the Gelato integration please contact

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