Connecting to Ciloo allows you to turn your assets into customized print products. To enable the Ciloo integration, please contact for more information.

Configuration Steps

1. Open the asset modal > Edit tab > Advanced after enabling the integration. A Ciloo Product ID field will appear at the bottom.

2. Select Show Ciloo Config to see configuration options.

3. From the Catalog dropdown, select the catalog item you want to print. 

4. Then select product attributes such as Color Type, Paper Type, Coating Type etc.


5. Finally, select from a list of currently available products from Ciloo that depend on your catalog type and product attributes

6. Select, Save Changes.

A Send To Ciloo button will appear in the Overview tab of the asset modal. This button will redirect you to the Ciloo sign-in page, where you can enter your Ciloo account credentials or sign in using SSO. You can only print PDF formats of files.

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