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Understanding these Options:

1. Any of these termsOf all the options, this allows for the most flexibility for returned results. When searching for cliff divers, like in the example above, the query will come back with any asset that has cliff OR divers present in at least one of its indexed fields. This is an ideal search mechanism when you aren’t quite sure what the asset you are looking for is named or how it’s been tagged. Only one of the terms needs to match for an asset to be returned.

2. All of these termsThis option allows you to be more precise in your search by replacing the flexibility of OR with AND. In the example above when searching for cliff divers, the result will come back with any asset that has cliff AND divers across any of its indexed fields. The two terms do not need to be part of the same field (cliff could be in the name while divers might be a tag), but all terms do need to be present somewhere for an asset to match.

3. Contains this phraseThis option is a great choice if a user knows part of an asset’s name or a bit of text in its description. By searching cliff divers using this option it will pull in all assets that contain that phrase. For example, an asset with a name of cliff divers in the ocean would be returned as the name contains cliff divers. It will not return results where the terms are spread across multiple indexed fields.

4. Exactly this phraseThis is the strictest of the four options and requires users to be precise when searching. For example, searching cliff divers with this option would not return an asset named cliff divers in the ocean to appear in your results. The user would need to type the full name, nothing less and nothing more, for an asset to match.


What can I search for?

Every Brandfolder is fully indexed, making it easy to find the exact asset you need. Each asset's name, description, metadata, and many other details are instantly full-text searchable. Search is case insensitive (except for OR and AND search operators), meaning LOGO and logo will return the same results.

Here are some examples:

  •  section: "logos"
  •  tags: "bb8" (all assets tagged with bb8)
  •  extension: "jpg" (all assets with JPG attachments)
  •  collection: "Marketing" (assets belonging to a collection named Marketing)
  •  published_at: 2019-02-02
  •  labels: "promotions"
  •  width:>435
  •  expires_at: [2020-05-01 TO 2020-05-31]


Search Operators

The default search operator is OR, meaning if you search for blue gray it will search for assets containing blue OR gray. By default, OR will be implied as the operator to use between search terms.

You can change the search operator to AND by explicitly adding the keyword AND (all caps) or && in between search terms.

  • tags:logo AND blue
  • tags:logo && blue

If you are looking to exclude assets that are in a specific collection or tag from your search you are able to use NOT. This would be written as

  • NOT tags: "logo"


Searching for Phrases

If you want to search on phrases or terms with multiple words, wrap the phrase in quotation marks. For example, Brandfolder will consider "blue fox jumps" as a single search term whereas blue fox jumps will count as three separate search terms and result in searching for blue OR fox OR jumps.

  • tags:"product shots"
  • "blue fox jumps"


Short Hand Search Syntax

If you want to search for assets with multiple tags, there is no need to type tags:logo OR tags:"product shots" OR tags:image. This entire search can be written as

  • tags:(logo "product shots" image)

Remember, OR is implied between search terms, and you can override the same query to use the AND operator with

  • tags:(logo AND "product shots" AND image)


Wild Cards and "Fuzzy" Matching

If you want to find any asset that partially matches a search query, use the * wildcard operator like so

  • prod*

This will return assets that contain words like "product" or "production." Likewise, if you want to find assets that have words close to your search term (essentially misspellings) use the fuzzy match operator:

  • wednesday~

will match assets with "wednesday" as well as the common misspelling "wendsday."

Note: Wild cards are not supported at the beginning of the search term. 


Advanced Search

The Brandfolder Search Bar supports advanced syntax, to learn more about this please visit the Admin User article Searching in Brandfolder.

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