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Brandfolder's Getty Images integration automatically pushes images and metadata from your Getty Images account into your Brandfolder. 

The integration polls your Getty account on a preconfigured time interval, grabs any newly downloaded images, and ingests them into a preconfigured Brandfolder section. The integration will convert priority metadata to custom fields on the associated Brandfolder assets. Getty keywords will become Tags in Brandfolder. The integration will grab all historical data in your Getty account and push the images to Brandfolder.

Please confirm with your Getty Images Representative that your premium access plan has DAM share rights and can be re-downloaded via the API.

To set up the integration, you will need to reach out to your Brandfolder point of contact or with the following information:

  1. Your Brandfolder API Key and API Secret from Getty. You will work with Getty to purchase the connection/stock images 
  2. The Brandfolder and section for your images to import into 
  3. The date we should start the Getty Image sync 
  4. The Frequency of sync (daily, weekly, or custom)
  5. If your organization has approvals turned on, clarify if you would like the integration user set up as an admin who will bypass the need for approval or as a collaborator, which will put the assets in a pending state upon sync.

With this information, the Brandfolder team will set up the integration. 



We import unless it is already within Getty. When assets sync into Brandfolder, this counts as one download per asset. Getty customers can only have anywhere from 250-20,000 downloads per year, depending on your agreement.

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