Brandfolder's Seismic integration is a configurable file sync connector that syncs to a specific Brandfolder collection or section. Users can upload assets to their Brandfolder and automatically sync with their Seismic sales enablement account. This streamlines the movement of content from one platform to another without the need to download and re-upload content and enables users to utilize all the powerful functionality of Seismic alongside their Brandfolder content and maintain a single source of truth.

Setting up the Integration

Please reach out to to start the process of setting up your Seismic Integration. You will need to establish a Client Credentials developer app for Brandfolder and enable it on your Seismic tenant. Permissions will need to be set to the highest level. The developer login credentials will need to be developers_<client_name>

For additional instructions on how to set up client credentials please visit the "How do I get started" section here

Also, consider what fields you will pass from Brandfolder to Seismic. For example, descriptions and a specific list of custom fields instead of passing all of your custom fields through. These have to be configured and will not be passed automatically. 

Navigating the Integration

1. Within Seismic, navigate to the folder you have set up for Brandfolder. 


2. Your Brandfolder assets will appear. 


3. To see the asset-specific information that has been passed from Brandfolder into Seismic, click on one of the assets. On the right-hand side in the content properties area is where you will find the Brandfolder Asset Name (The Attachment name in Brandfolder), custom fields, and descriptions. This information will automatically sync in Seismic when there are changes in Brandfolder. 


Do note: The integration supports inserts, updates, and deletion.

If you need additional support with the Seismic integration, please reach out to

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