The Brandfolder + Zapier integration lets you connect Brandfolder to cloud-based apps like Box, Basecamp, and Dropbox, and many others. By automating the creation of assets and attachments inside Brandfolder, Zapier helps to streamline your workflows and ultimately be more productive.

Setting up the Integration

1. Visit the Brandfolder Integration page on Zapier. Select Connect Brandfolder to 4000+ apps. 


2. If you do not have an account you will be prompted to set one up. If you do have one the integration will start to download. 

Creating a Trigger Event from Brandfolder

1. Name your zap.

2. Select a trigger event. The following trigger events are supported:


  • New Asset: triggers when an asset is added to an organization, Brandfolder, or collection. 
  • Updated Asset: Triggers when an asset is created or updated in an organization, Brandfolder, or collection.
  • New Brandfolder: Triggers when a Brandfolder is added to an organization.
  • New Collection: Triggers when a collection is added to a Brandfolder.
  • New Section: Triggers when a section is added to a Brandfolder.

In this example we will choose the New Asset trigger. 

3. If it is your first time using the integration, you will be prompted to connect your Brandfolder using your API key.  


4. Set up your trigger by selecting your organization. You can also specify a single Brandfolder to monitor as well as a single collection. (These options apply to the New Asset Trigger)


5. Test your trigger. Zapier will find a recent asset in your Brandfolder account to confirm that the trigger is set up correctly. 

Creating Actions with Brandfolder

For an extensive list of recipes in Zapier that include Brandfolder, explore Zapier for a complete breakdown of triggers and actions between products.

If you have questions about the Zapier Integration please reach out to 


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