Brandfolder Custom Templates Step 3: Saving a Project and Generating a Template

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Once you have finished building out the elements of your template and have locked them you will need to save your project and generate a template. This is the final step in the Brandfolder custom templates process. 

1. Click the Save Project button in the top right-hand corner.

2. Select the section the project should be saved to and click Save


3. This will save the project to Brandfolder and then provide the option to generate a template from the project.


4. Name your template and select Generate


5. The working file project and template will show up in the designated section as an asset with a project or template pill on the asset card. 



Enabling custom template approvals 

Once you have created a template you are able to enable custom approvals. Enabling template approvals at the Brandfolder level ensures that any customizations made to the template by Collaborators and Guests are on-brand and follow styling best practices. When this setting is enabled, all Collaborators and Guests who customize templates must request approval from an Admin before they can export and download the asset.

1. Navigate to settings, then general settings at the Brandfolder level.

2. Select the advanced tab.

3. Enable Require administrator approval on custom templates.

Reviewing custom template approvals

1. Once approval has been requested, Admins will receive a notification in the Notification Center and as an email. 

2. Open the customized template from the Notification Center or email. 

3. Choose one of the following options:

  • Approve: everything looks good and the end-user can export and download the asset.
  • Unapprove: notify the end-user that this customized asset doesn’t meet expectations so they can make modifications and request approval again.

4. Collaborators and Guests will receive notifications for both approved and unapproved templates.

Next steps

After you have published the project as a template and have configured template approvals your template will be ready for end users to interact with. 

When a user opens the template asset they will be taken to an editor to customize it. Customization options are dependent on the locking configuration defined by the Admin or Collaborator on the original project. Learn more about the end user experience with finalized templates and the various customizable options.


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