The Storyteq integration allows users to build creative assets in bulk using Storyteq templates to scale cross-functional creative production, improve workflows, and bring assets to market faster.

Storyteq’s Cloud-based Creative Automation platform enables both creative and marketing teams to produce multiple variations of premium videos, HTML5 banners, and statics in minutes. From original designs, users can leverage the power of unique templating to improve their creative workflows, stay on brand, and build digital assets in bulk. This allows users to fully customize their content at scale including localizing, personalizing, and other versioning that works across multiple audiences and markets. 

If you have questions about setting up the integration please reach out to

Navigating the Integration

1. In the Storyteq platform, under Templates, select Create Template. mceclip0.png

2. A new modal will appear where you will want to name the template, determine the aspect ratio, and set the duration. This can be done by either using custom setting options or by using any of the available preset options that are frequently used for social media. Once complete select, Create Template. 


3. Once you have your elements like images, text, video clips, and audio placed on your canvas and your storyline built out you can then control what can be edited by users. This can be done by setting elements as dynamic. Dynamic determines if that element can be changed by end-users in Brandfolder. 


4. The dynamic behavior section allows for further specification of changes that are offered to end-users. You can decide to allow the users to dictate the change or set specific values that can be changed. 

5. You can also dynamically resize your templates by clicking on Add Size button below the preview area. 


6. Once you are finished with your video, select Publish in the top right-hand corner. 

7. A new modal will appear which is an audit of your template, letting you know if there are any errors that need to be fixed before publishing. 


8. You will be brought back to the templates page where you will want to select upload to channel. 


9. Select Brandfolder and designate what section you want the template to upload to, then choose the Upload button. 



Viewing the Content in Brandfolder

1. Go to the Brandfolder where the Template was pushed to, hover over the asset and select visit. 

2. This will bring up a new modal where users will be able to make their own video templating projects based on the editing capabilities that the admin specified. 


3. Once adjuments are complete select, Create Media. 

4. The new template will then appear in the designated media section. If you have admin approvals enabled on your Brandfolder then an admin will have to approve the new asset before it can be viewed in the Brandfolder. 



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