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The video streaming feature allows Brandfolder users to embed video content on both web and mobile experiences. The video streaming feature utilizes the most common video streaming format, HTTP live Streaming, also known as HLS. 

Advantages of HLS Streaming

  • Most video players today support HLS streaming
  • Apple iOS devices require HLS streaming for content delivery on iOS devices
  • It is easy to use and requires a simple URL to embed your video within existing video players.
  • It adapts to various sizes, formats, and bandwidths.  This ensures your end users experience the fastest and highest-quality playback

Finding the HLS Stream URL in Brandfolder

1. Open the videos asset modal and navigate to the embed tab.

2. Open the additional CDN Links area. mceclip1.png

3. Within this area you will find an option for HLS Video Stream Link. This link is the same system used to deliver and play videos within Brandfolder.

If you would like to test an HLS stream, you can use one of the many HLS stream testing sites (for example HLS stream testing site).

Monitoring video streaming usage

As part of your subscription, you are given a set number of minutes of video streaming. If you are the owner of your account, you can check your usage by: 

1. Navigate to your organization level > Settings > Manage Subscription. 

2. Find the Video Streaming section and select Video Streaming Details


3. This will bring you to a new page that includes information like usage by month, usage in the last 90 days, as well as the assets which are generating the most usage. 


Common video players that support HLS Streaming 

Almost all video players will support HLS Streaming. Most video players also have integrations into common content management systems. Here are a few examples:

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