Editing Multiple Documents at Once

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Key terms

Documents: Documents can be created by users from their available suite of templates. Documents are the individual pieces of collateral that live inside a project folder e.g. brochures, web ads, signage, business cards, social media tiles, etc. These documents can be edited based on the inputs available in that template. Documents may or may not require approval to be exported and downloaded, shared, or printed.

Input: An input is a globally accessible tag that gives authors the ability to populate a Content Auto document with content. Various types of inputs can be utilized to help make documents as customizable, or as stringent as necessary. Inputs come in different types which are appropriate for different forms of content.

Project: Projects are folders that house a selection of a user’s documents.


How to edit multiple documents at once 

  1. Choose a project that has the documents that you'd like to edit or if you don't already have the project/documents, please read the articles on how to create a project and create a document

  2. From the projects view, select the documents that you'd like to edit by simply left-clicking them then click Edit once you're done with your selection.


  3. After clicking Edit the page will take you inside the Multi-edit screen where you'll see the documents' previews and their inputs. Some documents will share the same inputs and changing this type of input will update multiple documents.

  4. Simply left-click the inputs that you'd like to change on the left-hand side or from the document preview. For example, in the gif below, I made a change to the Heading input which updated the three documents.


  5. Click Save once you've made all your changes. This will save all the changes that you've made in the documents. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the inputs to edit documents?

Check out this article: How to edit documents using inputs


Can I send multiple documents for approval?

No. This is a feature that we're looking into building inside the platform. For now, please submit the documents for approval individually. Check out this article: Requesting document approval

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