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What are Reviews?

Reviews are where you can see all submitted documents for review and monitor any required changes.

If you have Reviewer permissions, it's also where you can manage all requests submitted for approval and monitor any that require changes.


How to Manage Reviews 

Reviews are where you can see all submitted documents for review and monitor any required changes.


To submit a document for review:

  1. Open/edit the document.
  2. Select Request Review in the top navigation bar.


To check the status of a request:

  1. Head to Reviews, located in the left-hand navigation menu.
  2. Switch to the relevant tab from - Awaiting Review, Changes Requested, or Approved. If you’re unsure of the status of a request, you can select the All tab to view all review requests. To find a specific review request, you can:
  • Filter by teams to show requests connected to a particular team.
  • Filter by Tag to show requests related to a team categorized with a specific tag.
  • Sort by most recent or oldest.  The date of the most recent request determines the most recent or oldest reviews. If a request has been submitted for approval multiple times (for example, after someone requests a change), the latest date will be used for sorting purposes.
  • Switch to grid or list view. Grid view contains large thumbnails for viewing designs at a glance, whereas list view presents your requests in a list format, making it perfect to view more requests simultaneously.

You can also view the request's status on the document within a Project.


To cancel a request:

  1. Open/edit the document awaiting review. You can access this document via Reviews > Awaiting Reviews or Projects.
  2. Select Cancel Review.



Check out the Managing Reviews knowledge base article to learn more about managing reviews.

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