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Key terms

Review: To assess something with the intention of approving to allow user/s to export their document(s) The assessment may also involve instituting change/s to the document on the users' behalf and/or requesting changes to be made before approval.

Reviewer: The user who reviews a document, determining if it can be approved or if it requires changes to be made before it can be approved and therefore exported.

Requester: The user who requests a document to be reviewed for approval.

Review Summary: A request’s history - including document details, input changes, and comments.


What are Reviews?

Reviews are where a Reviewer can manage all requests that have been submitted for approval and monitor any that require changes.


How to Manage Reviews 


To view a request:

  1. Head to Reviews, located in the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Switch to the relevant tab from -Awaiting Review, Changes Requested, or approved. If you’re unsure of a request’s status, you can select the All tab to view all review requests. To find a specific review request you’re after, you can:

  • Search by the requester to show requests from a specific team member. You are able to search by name or email.

  • Filter by teams to show requests from team members in a specific team/s.

  • Filter by tag to show requests from the team(s) categorized with that tag.

  • Sort by most recent or Oldest. The most recent or oldest is determined by the date the request was made. If a request has been submitted for approval multiple times (for example, after changes were requested), the latest date will be used for sorting purposes.

  • Switch to grid or list view. Grid view is more visual, whereas list view displays more requests at once.

Once you’ve selected a request, you can approve the request, request changes, or make the changes on behalf of the user and approve the request with changes.

You can also mark a request as read/unread or flag the request if you’re not yet ready to approve it but would like a way to signal the need for further attention.


To approve or request changes (in Reviews view):

Accounts can be configured to allow documents to be quickly viewed and actioned without needing to go into the document. To action a request without needing to view the document:

1. Click on a request without clicking on the document name. This will open the review summary.

2. View any input changes or comments.

3 Click Approve, Approve with a message, or Request Changes. 



If you don't have quick actions in Reviews, you'll need to view the document to request changes or approve as requested by the Account Admin. 


To approve or request changes (in Document View):

Click on the document's name or the view icon (visible while hovering on a request)to view the document.

Once viewing the document requested for review, you can:

  • Click "Approve" to approve the request. The request will then be moved to the Approved tab and an email will be sent to the requester.

  • Click Approve with message. You’ll then be prompted to add a message and click Approve. The request will then be moved to the Approved tab and an email will be sent to the requester.

  • Click on Request changes. You’ll then be prompted to add a message and click Request changes. The request will then be moved to the Changes requested tab and an email will be sent to the requester.


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