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How to Change the Document Reviewer

  1. Navigate to the Approvals area via the sidebar navigation. Once here, navigate to the Pending filter to locate all documents pending approval. Please note you can only change the document reviewer on documents still pending approval.Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_11.55.01_am.png
  2. Select the document you wish to change the reviewer on.Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_11.55.17_am.png
  3. Once in the edit screen, navigate to the top right corner to press the Change Reviewers button.Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_11.55.30_am.png
  4. This button will open a lightbox where the user can select from approved reviewers for the document they are requesting approval on. Please note that if your team has a default reviewer set, you can only change the reviewer based on the pre-configured reviewers set by the Marketing team.Screen_Shot_2020-11-24_at_11.56.13_am.png


Supporting video tutorial


Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to request approval when Content Automation is meant to be safe for me to create on-brand material?

While Content Automation is perfect at nailing your brand’s visual guidelines, it is not a substitute for a good copywriter. Sometimes, it is necessary to have another pair of eyes reviewing your copy. Additionally, the workflow for creating materials varies from one organization to the other, and some are stricter and require at least a second person to review every piece of produced content.


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