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Key terms

Document: Documents can be created by users from their available suite of templates. Documents are the individual pieces of collateral that live inside a project folder e.g. brochures, web ads, signage, business cards, social media tiles, etc. These documents can be edited based on the inputs available in that template. Documents may or may not require approval in order to be exported and downloaded, shared, or printed.

Export: Documents converted to their finished file format e.g. HTML file being converted into a PDF document.


How to re-edit exported documents

Once you have exported a document, you can go back and make changes at any time.

If you have just exported the document and realized you want to make a change, you can select to re-edit the document from the export preview screen:



This will take you back to the edit screen, and allow you to start editing the document again. 

You can also edit your document again via your project screen, the same way you would have previously: 




NOTE: If your document previously went through an approval process, you will need to repeat this process again if you make any changes to the document. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any limit to the number of times I can re-edit my document?

No, you can re-edit and re-export as many times as you need!


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