How do I find an Image in Content Automation

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Key terms

Content Automation Asset: Image resources that can be uploaded into Content Automation templates. This may include logos, social media graphics, illustrations, photography etc.

Content Automation Asset Library: The Asset Library is a central repository for all the images, logos and icons used in your documents.

Content Automation Template: Templates are files that act as a starting point when creating documents. Templates contain pre-formatted elements to help you design your collateral according to your brand's style guidelines. Each template is populated with and controlled by a number of Inputs that allow users to edit the document's content.

Document: Documents can be created by users from their available suite of templates. Documents are the individual pieces of collateral that live inside a project folder e.g. brochures, web ads, signage, business cards, social media tiles etc. These documents can be edited based on the inputs available in that template. Documents may or may not require approval in order to be exported and downloaded, shared or printed.

Tag: Tags are labels you create to meaningfully group teams so that you can efficiently manage the content they have access to.



The Content Automation Library is home to all images that can be used within Content Automation templates.

Depending on how your account is set up, you may have access to the following libraries:

  • Your images - This is a space for you to upload images and use in templates when allowed.
  • Account images - These are images that your account administrators have uploaded to be used in templates.

How to search for an image in the Asset Library

  1. First, navigate to the Asset library (you can navigate to the Asset Library by selecting Assets in the left panel or by selecting Replace image while editing a document).

    The following image shows how to access assets via the Assets navigation:

    The following image shows how to access assets by selecting Replace image while editing a document:How_do_I_find_an_image_in_Outfit_1.png
  2. Depending on how your account is set up, you may have a library called Your images and a library for your Brand’s images. Select the library you wish to look within.How_do_I_find_an_image_in_Outfit_2.png

  3. Then select the search bar located above the images.How_do_I_find_an_image_in_Outfit_3.jpeg

  4. Search for an image by typing the image name or by selecting a tag in the sidebar.How_do_I_find_an_image_in_Outfit_4.png

  5. All that’s left to do is click on your image to select it.

How to find an image via a tag

If you are looking for a specific type of Image you may also be able to find images by a tag.

  1. You can search via tag by either using the search bar located under the title TAGS, or by scrolling through the list of available tags and selecting an option.How_do_I_find_an_image_in_Outfit_5.jpeg

  2. Once a tag is selected all images displayed to the right will have the selected tag applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can see an image in the library but I can’t find it when editing a template?
If you can’t find an image or library while editing a template, your administrator may have locked the template input to only specific images. This is to ensure that all collateral produced is on-brand.

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