Setting Asset Permissions Using Content Automation Tags

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This article applies to the following Content Automation permission levels: 

❌  Contributor

❌  Author

✅  Designer

✅  Admin

Asset permissions may be used for two reasons:

  1. To distribute imagery to specific teams
  2. To designate specific images to be used in templates

If you want to assign asset permissions you must first group images via a tag. For example, you may choose to name the tag something like Science and only distribute it to people who need access to science-related imagery.

How to set permissions on images

  1. Navigate to the asset library and select the tag you want to assign permissions to.Setting_asset_permissions_1.png

  2. Hover over the tag and select the cog (settings) icon.Setting_asset_permissions_2.png

  3. To only allow specific teams to access images inside a tag, toggle on the setting that says Restrict this tag to specific teams.


4. Select the team(s) that you wish to give access to. You can search for teams if the list is long.Setting_asset_permissions_4.png

5. Select Add access.


6. If you would like to give users the ability to upload to a tag, ensure the checkbox is checked. Conversely, if you do not want users to upload to a tag, ensure the checkbox is not checked.Setting_asset_permissions_6.png

Note: Once a tag has been assigned only teams with access to that tag will see it. You can update the tags assigned to your images. 

How to update your image's tags

To update the tag(s) that your image is assigned to, click on the image that you have uploaded to the asset library and in the Asset Info panel:

a) Add or remove existing tags using the drop-down menu or;

b) Create a brand new tag using the +Create tag button.


How to restrict image download

If you do not wish for your network to be able to download specific images stored within the asset library you can do this via tag permissions also.

  1. Navigate to the Asset library.
  2. Hover over the tag and select the cog (settings) icon.
  3. Toggle on the option Restrict image download.Setting_asset_permissions_7.png

Frequently asked questions

Can I assign multiple teams to 1 tag?

Yes, you can, you just need to repeat steps 4 & 5 above, and choose multiple teams to assign to the single tag.

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