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Setting Up Team Libraries in the Content Automation Asset Library

This article applies to the following Content Automation permission levels: 

❌ Contributor ❌ Author ❌ Designer ✅ Admin

Key terms

Content Automation Asset Library: The Asset Library is a central repository for all the images, logos, and icons used in your documents.

Team Libraries: Team Libraries enable team members to access and share imagery relevant to the team/s they are part of. This imagery can be used in documents that users create, where template permissions permit.

Asset: Image resources that can be uploaded into Content Automation templates. This may include logos, social media graphics, illustrations, photography, etc.

Content Automation Tags: Tags are labels you create to meaningfully group teams so that you can efficiently manage the content they have access to.

How to Setup Team Libraries in the Asset Library

To enable team asset libraries on your account:

  1. Head to Account Settings in the side navigation menu.

  2. Ensure you’re in the General tab. You should be directed here by default.

  3. Scroll down to the Assets section.

  4. Toggle on Team Asset Library. The toggle will appear green when enabled.

  5. Select Save.


Once enabled, each team will have a space to upload and download imagery to be shared amongst the team and used in documents, where template permissions allow.

To view all team libraries:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, select Assets.

  2. Navigate to Team Libraries and select the drop-down arrow.

  3. All team libraries will then be visible in alphabetical order. By default, the first ten teams will be visible with the option to Show more.

You’ll also see the option to search for team libraries. If you search for a team, all teams will be searched regardless of what teams are currently visible on the page.


While Admins and Designers can see all team libraries, Authors can only view and access team libraries for teams they belong to.

To add an image to a Team Library:

  1. Select the relevant team library.

  2. (Optional) Add tags to assets. If you’re an Admin or Designer, you can select or create a tag within that team library. If you’re an Author, you can select tags created by an Admin or Designer for that team library.

  3. Next, select Upload.

  4. Select a file from your computer or drag and drop an asset onto the upload window. You can also paste an image URL.

  5. Select Upload to confirm.



To remove an image from a Team Library:

As assets in a team library are shared amongst the team and can be inserted in team member’s documents, please be mindful that removing an asset from the team library can impact your teams work.

Given the potential flow-on effect deleting a shared asset can have, only Admins can remove images from a team library.

To remove an image from a team library.

  1. Navigate to the relevant team library.

  2. Hover over the image you intend to remove. A trash can icon will appear on the asset.

  3. Select the trash can icon.

  4. Select Delete.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to restrict which authors in a team can upload to the team library?
No, all members of a team are able to upload to their team library.

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