InDesign Ingest FAQ's/Troubleshooting Tips

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This article applies to the following Content Automation permission levels: 

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Frequently asked questions

Important Note: This article applies to Content Automation templates only which are different from Brandfolder Custom Templates, and CI Hub. 

My image hasn't come through as an image input. What can I do?

Check your InDesign file and ensure you have tagged the image. We recommend turning on tag markers (view > structure > show tag markers)

Can I create print and digital template variations from a single IDML file?

Yes! When creating or adding your formats, ensure you have both a print and digital format added, then when you create your template you will have both variations. 

Are images automatically uploaded during the import?

Images need to be uploaded in addition to uploading the IDML file. This is because the IDML references the images but does not contain the images - images sit in the ‘Links’ folder of the InDesign package.

When I upload, I’m alerted of an error with my font - what do I do?

Fonts have to be installed on the InDesign server by the Content Automation team. Please email and provide:

  1. The font files - ideally supplied as a True Type Format (.tff) or Open Type Format (.otf) file.
  2. Written confirmation that you are licensed to use the supplied fonts. 

My background image isn't spanning the full width of the page

Check your InDesign file and adjust the image size there, ensure it spans the full width of your document (with bleed if required)

When I update my image in Content Automation, the image is reversed or upside down.

Check the formatting options of your image in the InDesign file. Content Automation pulls through any formatting you have applied to your image, and that carries through to the image input and any images added in.

The image is cropped differently in Content Automation

Check if fitting is enabled for this image in the InDesign file. Click on the image in the InDesign file and go to Object > Fitting. Select Fit Content to Frame.

I am having issues with my text columns

Every column should be its own text box in the InDesign File. These text boxes can't be linked either.

How do I set up my crop marks?

When ingesting into Content Automation, set up your PDF format using CMYK and then select from the available print requirements (including Crop Marks)

I have already created a digital variation, can I add a print version or do I have to recreate the template?

You can create a print version from the variations screen by selecting New Template Variation and setting it up as a print variation. You will then need to set up your preset content in the template. 

When editing my template in Content Automation it looks smaller compared to in InDesign

When importing a template into Content Automation the dimensions of the InDesign document are used. In some specific cases where the document size (File > Document Setup) does not match the completed artwork size, it creates a preview that is smaller or different from what you’d see in InDesign.


When creating foldable templates, like DL tri-fold brochures, some designers will set the width and height to be 99mm x 210mm (which is the final folded dimensions). However, when importing this into Outfit it will create a smaller preview size.

To remedy this we can set the Document size to 297mm (ie. 3 x 99mm) x 210mm which is the unfolded dimensions of the artwork. This will create an optimal preview in Outfit.


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