Content Automation Account Branding

This article applies to the following Content Automation permission levels: 

❌ Contributor

❌ Author

❌ Designer 

✅ Admin

Key terms 

Admin: A Content Automation user that has unrestricted access to all areas within the platform. Admins are the only users that are able to add users and edit teams, as well as access the Account Settings tab.

How to review and make changes to your Content Automation account branding:

Please note: changes made to the color palette, logos, and snippets may have a downstream effect on Content Automation templates that reference these variables. You may wish to consult your Customer Success Manager before making changes to understand what impact these changes will have on Content Automation templates.

  1. Select the Account Settings item on the left navigation menu.

  2. Next, choose the Your Brand tab.


3. First, you will land in the Color palette tab. This is where we store your brand colors. 

4. Next, select the Logos tab. Similar to the color palette section, this is where we store your brand logos. 


5. Next, select the Snippets tab. Similar to the color palette & logos section, this is where we store your snippets which are parts of code our Delivery Team can easily reference. Pieces of code that are referenced include items such as ABN numbers or Terms & Conditions. 


6. Next, select the White-Labelling tab. White-labelling refers to customizable themes that can be applied to change the look of your Content Automation account. A few customizable options include

  • The default, templating/ admin and the sign-in theme.
  • Theme colors
  • Default company logos 

Once you are happy with your changes choose Save, or alternatively click revert to default if you wish.

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