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This article applies to the following Content Automation permission levels: 

❌  Contributor ❌  Author ❌  Designer  ✅  Admin

What is a team?

In Content Automation, an account can be comprised of several teams, based on your organization’s needs. For example, teams might represent individual offices or retail locations, organization departments, or geographical zones.

Teams allow authors to see documents that are only relevant to them. Authors can only access projects and documents that belong to their team.

You can also decide what resources each team can access, based on the needs of your organization. Admins can restrict access resources, like project kits, Content Automation assets, and template variations, to only be used by relevant teams.

Create a new team

  1. Navigate to the Users and Teams page from the main menu, and select the Teams tab.
  2. Choose Add Team.
  3. Give your team a unique name, and fill out the relevant team data. This data is used to automatically populate smart inputs, e.g. a team can be assigned a business email that automatically gets added to all marketing collateral.
  4. Save your team. This will redirect you to the Users tab where you can begin adding members.   5e7f8a4a-1282-43d3-ac12-64cbbc1a7556.pngf2cc5338-91be-446b-97e5-abb0e0445635.png
  5. In the settings tab, you can assign a team tag to automate permissions or set a default reviewer. You can also update the team data if required.

Note: you cannot delete a team with active projects. Before deleting the team, you first must archive or reassign all team projects.


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