Inviting and Removing Content Automation Users

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This article applies to the following Content Automation permission levels: 

❌  Contributor ❌  Author ❌  Designer  ✅  Admin

Invite a new Content Automation user

  1. Navigate to the Users and Teams page from the main menu, and select the Users tab.
  2. Select Create User.
  3. Fill out the user’s name and email address.
  4. Assign the appropriate user role. Authors are content authors who only have access to projects and documents; Designers have access to creating templates and Admins have access to everything.
    You can also determine if authors are exported restricted. After making changes to a document, exported restricted authors will need to request approval before exporting.
  5. Add any teams the new user will be a part of. If they are an author, they will not be able to access or create Projects or Documents until they are a member of a team.
  6. If you don’t want the new user to have access to Content Automation just yet, uncheck Send invitation on creation. You can send (or resend) an invitation from the Users page at a later date.
  7. Select Create.

Bulk-invite new Content Automation users

You can use the Bulk Create feature to add many users at once.

  1. From the Users page, select Bulk Create User.
  2. Follow the page instructions to upload a CSV with the required user information, match the format in the example, and select Next.
  3. Confirm the imported user information, and make any changes if required.
  4. Select Create & Invite to finish the import. Alternatively, uncheck Send invitation on creation and click Create if you want to invite the users at a later date.

Remove a Content Automation user

You can remove any user from the Users page by searching for their name and selecting the Remove button.


Deleting a user will not delete their projects or documents so team members can still access them unless they are set to private. It is recommended that any documents are re-assigned prior to deleting a user.

Note: There is no limit on the number of teams a member can belong to.

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