Organize assets into subfolders or groups with Pinned Searches

Pinned Searches allow you to make things more organized in your Brandfolder by grouping assets across sections, or filtering to a group of of assets within the same section.

The search will instantly be available to anybody viewing your Brandfolder. 

A journalist that needs your assets won’t want to have to read through dozens of Pinned Searches to find what they want.

To create a pin search for a specific group of assets or for a campaign etc. start by bulk tagging your assets with a like term- we recommend doing this upon upload if possible.

Once you have tagged the assets-follow these steps:

1. Click into an asset that is tagged with the term you would like to pin.

2. Click on that tag. This will then filter across all your sections any assets that have that tag for ex: tags:"Phone" and all items in your Brandfolder that are tagged with that exact term will show up for your users.

3. You can then click the "Pin" icon and pin this search by clicking the pin icon in the upper right.

4. You are then able to label the search whatever you would like, it doesn't have to be the same as the actual tag. The pin search will then show up to the right of your sections and your users can click on it to filter.

Your Pin search filter will then show up to the right of your sections and users can click on it to filter by that term.

For any questions or assistance with using pinned searches please contact

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